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  • Assistant Manager

    Job Description

    We are seeking an Assistant Manager who like to lead people and grow business by giving great customer service.

    Franchisee of Hardee’s Restaurants, LLC, DORO Incorporated, has owned and operated Hardee's restaurants since 1968. Over the last 50 years DORO has emerged as one of the fastest-growing independent franchisees of Hardee's Restaurants, LLC. DORO's commitment to its people through training and a strong focus on culture has allowed the organization to grow at an improbable rate. From 2000 to 2006 DORO acquired 71 restaurants in Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, this growth sparked the creation of a new company, Northland Restaurant Group. From 2012 to 2018, Northland Restaurant Group and DORO grew through acquisition and new construction by more than 50 restaurants bringing the grand total to 115. DORO and Northland Restaurant Group's President Jon Munger says it best "every time we add a restaurant, we bring more talented people into our organization as well as provide advancement and development opportunities for our existing people". DORO and Northland Restaurant Group's continued commitment to its people is the reason it stands as the third largest Hardee's franchisee in the United States.

    Basic Function:

    To assist in accomplishing the Company's Mission Statement. Ensures that company operations and personnel policies and procedures are complied with at all times. Is responsible for producing high quality food and service in order to maintain sales and profit expectations.

    Performs basically the same duties as the General Manager but is only accountable for the

    restaurant when physically present in the restaurant or designated as "manager in charge." Hours of work will generally be opposite the GM or on their day off. In the absence of a General Manager, assumes the overall responsibility for the operation of the restaurant. The AM position is a non-exempt hourly paid postion. Work week expectation is a minimum of five days, with a base of 40 hours per week. A typical workweek is 45 hours (40 REG / 5 OT) to include nights, weekends and holidays, but may vary as dictated by restaurant sales and business trends. Must be available to cover shifts as necessary.


    • Able to perform the essential functions of the job with or with out reasonable accomodations
    • Has completed all competencies at the Shift Leader level or their equivalent.
    • Demonstrates the ability to build sales.
    • Has successfully completed the state Sanitation Certification course when requested
    • Have the ability to separate relationships with all employees following our “No Fraternization” policy


    • Position defined as:
    • Able and willing to accept a General Manager's position in 6 to 9 months from time of appointment.
    • Able and willing to move within the geographical boundaries of the Company or Division as designated to accept a General Manager's position.
    • Professionalism is highly developed to the degree necessary to be successful at the General Manager's level.
    • Benefits to position include Personal Day Benefits, 401k eligibility and restaurant bonuses.
    • Position is an hourly position and is classified as non-exempt.


    • Equipment
    • Calibrations, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance adjustments and minor repairs on grills and broilers, bun toasters, fry vats, coffee and soft drink machines, heated equipment and refrigerated equipment, roast beef slicer, produce slicer, convection ovens, HVAC and timers
    • Operations
    • Accurately completes an employee work schedule
    • Restaurant Assessment scores at Meets Standards on shilf where the candidate is the Manager in Charge
    • OPS test passes at a minimum of 90%
    • Accomplishes Management Pathing as measured by the manager pathing feedback sheet
    • Understands the ROA and other QSC evaluation tools currently used by the Directors and FBCs, mentoring Shift Leaders to score a minumum of Meets Standards on these evaluatons
    • Adminstration
    • Accurately counts monthly inventory
    • Accurately completes a monthly ring-out
    • Accurately completes monthly administrative paperwork
    • Demonstrates to GM and DO knowledge gained from GMIT including fundamental knowledge of EOM reports and P&L reports
    • Effectively uses food and paper ordering system
    • Understands and is able to execute all Crew Member recruiting methods and is able to coordinate with the Company recruiting programs.
    • Supervisory Skills
    • Address employee issues/complaints appropriately and bring to immediate attention of General Manager or Director of Operations
    • Corrects performance problems, up to but not including employee termination
    • Corrects behavior problems, up to but not including employee termination
    • Conducts follow up discussions
    • Effectively handles guest complaints
    • Communication
    • Uses basic writing skills and correct elements for conciseness, content, grammar and clarity
    • Company Policies
    • Complies with all Company policies
    • Maintain employee records/personnel files
    • Can effectively use the Company handbook to answer all policy questions and is familiar with all policies
    • Service, Quality and Cleanliness (SQC) Standards
    • Can identify and resolve SQC deficiencies in accordance with Hardee’s Oerational Manual
    • Is able to evaluate and develop Crew and Shift Leader SQC skills
    • Can effectively complete a SFSQC and use it to correct deficiencies
    • Safety and Security
    • Can identify and resolve safety and security deficiencies as required by all city, county, state and federal agencies
    • Documents accidents and incidences and file proper paperwork in accordance to timeframes
    • Enforces company safety and security procedures for a ZAC
    • Finance
    • Performs daily, weekly and monthly financial responsibilities to include:

    — Cash control including all reports, coupons, promotions, deposits and expenditures

    — Inventory control including daily, weekly and monthly inventories, calculating yields and usage and ordering food and paper from suppliers

    — Labor control including daily and weekly labor needs, using ROS board, schedule duties to crew, conduct payroll audits and resolve any deficiencies; knows how to schedule factoring in average crew wage, percentages, sales projections and experience levels

    • Planning and Organizion
    • Uses a "Day-Timer" using restaurant planning systems to include logs, charts, calendars and schedules
    • POS Equipment
    • Skills to include payroll functions, cash control, food and paper controls and daily ringouts, pricing and marketing or promotion details and using this information to assist sales and profits
    • Training
    • Can identify and develop crew trainers describing the process of training both new and existing crew members
    • Recruiting, Selection and Retention
    • Makes effective use of sources and tools
    • Conducts interviews using the "Right Fit" guide
    • Effectively communicates the benefits of retention
    • Identifies ways to lower turnover
    • Effectively orients new employees starting with the new hire packet and dvds.
    • Performance Reviews
    • Effectively uses the Supervisor performance review system and gives input to their GM for the performance reviews.
    • Marketing
    • Understands the seven (7) points of impact relative to Point-Of-Purchase (POP) materials to include building exterior, drive-thru, entrance, front lobby area, menu board, dining room and packaging
    • Uses the Company's marketing calendar in posting POP
    • Problem Solving
    • Recognizes problems, analyzes for causes, sets a plan, acts on the plan with others help, observes results and make necessary adjustments
    • Succession Planning
    • Defines what is acceptable as performance and who is promotable
    • Assist GM in on-going plan to promote, develop and replace crew
    • Meeting Skills
    • Conducts restaurant employee and management team meetings under the direction of the General Manager

    Brand: Hardee's
    Address: 2524 College Way Fergus Falls, MN - 56537
    Property Description: 278 - Fergus Falls
    Property Number: 278
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