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  • Trade Shows - Top Ten Tips for Success

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    March 06, 2018
    Top 10 Tips for a Successful Showcase Fergus Falls Trade Show Experience
    1. Create a simple activity at your booth: “register to win” drawing or a simple game “guess the # of paperclips in a jar” for a prize. Willingly hand out logo’d pens or other ad specialties. Everyone likes SWAG (stuff we all get). These give people a reason to stop by.
    2. Don’t check your phone in the booth. Treat attendees as #1 priority.
      Come early, leave late = Less distractions, better conversations.
    3. Keep your display clean and current. Have plenty of information available, but don’t have it all piled out there at one time.
    4. SMILE! Greet visitors and make eye contact.
    5. Make a good first impression, treat it like a “first date.”
    6. Be approachable. Stand in front of your booth instead of sitting behind the table. Use the chairs as shelves.
    7. Ask questions & LISTEN. Ask for their business card and take notes on it.
    8. Make friends with your neighbors; they’re customers too.
    9. Keep your booth organized and uncluttered, no empty cups.
    10. Follow up with those you meet. Send a Thank You. Be memorable!
    Lisa Workman, President
    (218) 736-6951
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