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  • Nelson Auto Center Announces Vehicle Disinfecting Service

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    March 20, 2020

    We value the trust you place in Nelson Auto Center every day as you see us for your vehicle service and sales.  We wanted you to know the proactive approach we are taking during this cold and flu season.  We want to have a safe and pleasant environment for both you and for our staff. 

    We are following the CDC guidelines in responding to this current virus.  We take pride in our store and service cleanliness, but we have decided to increase the frequency of our cleaning.  We will be sanitizing the common areas of our building throughout the day.  We’re asking all of our staff to increase the frequency of hand washing and the sanitizing of all commonly touched items such as phones, computers, light switches, desks, etc.  Any staff member who may develop symptoms of a cold or flu will be asked to stay home. 

    If you would like us to pick up or deliver your vehicle for service, let us know and we will be happy to make the arrangements.  With any service or appraisal we will do a complimentary disinfecting of your vehicle.  We welcome you to shop and buy online.  We can complete paperwork and deliver your desired vehicle.  The manufacturers are offering amazing 0% financing, complimentary 3 month payments, and deferred payment options.  Call us to learn about these new programs!

    The Yale Medical School put out the following helpful pointers today.  They are very good common sense things to remember.  We thought they may be helpful to everyone. 

    1.    Information is useful – but too much information can be unhelpful.  Limit news intake to what is actually providing new information, and stick to reliable news sources.  There’s no benefit to watching the same news over and over.

    2.    Take the necessary and recommended precautions, but don’t try to “innovate” new ones.  As with all dangers, the trick is to be ‘careful enough.’  When we try to ensure 100% safety, we get caught up in unhelpful behaviors. 

    3.    Keep up daily routines, and make changes only when necessary.  Maintaining regular schedules and routines is a good way to keep anxiety at bay and feel normal.  Even if some changes need to be made, maintaining the overall routine is helpful.

    4.    Don’t completely isolate yourself from other people.  Fear of contagion can cause some people to withdraw socially, but maintaining relationships and social support are good ways to combat anxiety.  Even if you are in self-quarantine or mandatory quarantine, keep up social interaction using FaceTime/Skype, phone calls, or text messages.

    5.    Stay physically active – be outdoors if you can.  Maintaining physical activity and spending time in fresh air can help to keep anxiety down.

    6.    Limit screen time.  Too much time on the phone or computer, on social media or websites, can lead to less activity and more anxiety.

    Spring is just around the corner!  How fun it will be to open wide the doors and windows and let the fresh air in!  And then comes the beautiful summertime in the Midwest—where we can live wide open!  Lots of good things ahead!

    Laurel Nelson
    Nelson Auto Center

    Laurel Nelson, Owner
    (218) 739-2283
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