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  • News Release: 1/6/2020

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    January 06, 2020
         2020 is going to be the Year of Giving at  ICON Business Advantage. Every month, IBA will be choosing a charity, or non-profit to be awarded a monetary donation, based on that months gross sales.
        January is Anti-human trafficking month, and our first recipient of our awarding is weareunseen.org. We Are Unseen is a non-profit organization that works with and helps fund anti-human trafficking charities on six continents. These works include providing better education for families. Helping third world villages with resources and food. All the way to running rescue missions to save children that have been kidnapped by sex slave traders, or used as collateral to buy food.
        We Are Unseen helps to educate people in the farthest reaches of the globe, that human slavery has no place in the modern world. And ICON Business Advantage is going to help them to spread that word, with help from you.
        IBA is already becoming your local leader in providing business capital to small businesses. When the big banks say "No!" we're thereto help your business grow with much needed funds. And every time someone gets funding through IBA, WE Are Unseen gets a charitable donation. But IBA offers much more than that. We are also becoming a great go to source for equipment finance. And we also can handle all of your credit card processing and point of purchase needs, with free equipment and huge savings for you. And did you know, you can even offer ACA compliant health care to your employees, at no cost to your business.
        This is a truly WIN-WIN for everybody. By using a service from IBA, you either grow your business or save lots of money. And, you help support a truly good cause. Ending slavery in the modern world.
        Please visit iconba.us/unseen to find out more about the work We Are Unseen does around the world, and to browse the many business services IBA can provide you, that will also help to fund weareunseen.org 

    Leigh Bauman, Independent Agent
    (218) 671-8325
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