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  • Thrifty White Pharmacy a pioneer in health care services

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    January 31, 2018

    Thrifty White Pharmacy a pioneer in health care services

    Courtesy of the Fergus Falls Daily Journal
    Dan Kwapinski, manager of the Thrifty White Pharmacy within the Lake Region Healthcare clinic, would like to thank all Thrifty White customers for their patronage as well as all the other healthcare providers that help keep Fergus Falls healthy.

    There are two Thrifty White Pharmacy locations in Fergus Falls, one at 1484 W Lincoln Ave, and the other inside exceptionally designed Lake Region Healthcare clinic at 111 West Vernon Ave. Kwapinski has been the manager for 10 years and he said roughly two years ago, his pharmacy relocated to its current location.

    “We went from having one of the smallest, cramped pharmacies in the Thrifty White’s chain to having one of the nicest,” Kwapinski said. “I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the new space and can’t thank LRHC enough for building us to have a first-rate facility to provide care for our patients.”


    In his time as manager, Kwapinski said he has seen Thrifty White Pharmacy take strides in advancing services to their patients.

    “We have been a pioneer in a lot of new ways to get your medications,” Kwapinski said.

    One of Thrifty White’s biggest accomplishments, according to Kwapinski is their Medication Synchronization service. Started a while ago, this service lines up patients’ medications to run out at the same time, so patients only have to stop at the pharmacy once a month or every three months.

    “This is a little bit of a different model than some of the other pharmacies who want to get patients through the door as many times as possible so they buy other retail items at the same time,” Kwapinski said. “Thrifty White Pharmacy as a company has moved away from things like giftware and focused more on becoming a health care provider.”

    Thrifty White Pharmacies also offer a wide array of immunization services as well as a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR). A service covered by most insurances, each year, Thrifty White will look for drug interactions, make sure all medications have an indication and that they are working properly. Kwapinski said during CMRs they also make sure patients can afford their medication.

    One of Thrifty White’s most recent improvements happened within the last year. Thrifty White Pharmacies have become an accredited specialty pharmacy.

    “This allows us to provide our patients with specialty medications like Humira or Enbrel, which are high priced medications used to treat complex disease states such as rheumatoid arthritis or cancer,” Kwapinski said. “It’s exciting that we are now a specialty pharmacy, because we allow patients to pick up these medications on their own schedule and not have to wait for them to be shipped to them. We also keep the interaction between the patient and their local pharmacist who knows their other medications and knows them as a patient.”

    The newest service Thrifty White Pharmacy offers is a Diabetic Management Service. Kwapinski said these services allow the patient to more easily manage diabetes and the medications used to treat it.

    “We have focused on diabetes and are becoming better and better at finding ways to help our diabetic patients stay healthy and afford their medications,” Kwapinski said.

    Among all his responsibilities as manager, Kwapinski’s favorite part of the job is helping his patients find solutions to their health problems.

    “I really enjoy helping people navigate the healthcare system,” Kwapinski said.

    Kwapinski also loves helping his patients save money. Medication can be expensive, but Kwapinski said that often times, there is a generic substitution or there are ways to tweak the way a prescription is written, or there are coupon cards that help.

    “There are all sorts of different ways to help people save money,” Kwapinski said.

    Dan Kwapinski, Pharmacist
    (218) 736-5770
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