• Welcome to Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership based organization which serves its member businesses and the community. We are located in the heart of West Central Minnesota’s premier lakes country destination, Otter Tail County. With its nearly 1100 lakes, rivers, streams and trails offering an abundance of recreational options, its a great place to grow your business.

    We serve as the lead advocate and resource for our members and to create partnerships that foster a healthy business climate.

  • Testimonials

  • t_redriver.jpgWe Belong Because...
    'We feel that it is important to give back to the community where we live and work.  Getting in volved is a great way to meet the people that have the same types of concerns and goals that we do.  We are a service company and getting to know the folks we do business with helps us provide the highest level of customer service.'

    -Clark Bernard, Red River Electric

  • t_ris.jpg

    We Belong Because...
    'We want to help keep the Chamber stay strong in our community!'

    -Rohde Insurance Services

  • t_signworks.jpgWe Belong Because...
    'We are proud to be a part of the Fergus Falls area Businesses and Organizations. Our Chamber has become one of the leaders in communication, promoting and caring about its members. The constant contact and communications makes us feel a part of the greater group. Their ideas are fresh and entertaining as well as informative. When you are a small independent business you need this support and encouragement. We get this from the Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce and its team.'

    -Darryl Olson, Signworks Signs & Banners, LLC

  • t_unitedway.jpg We Belong Because...
    'The Fergus Falls Chamber keeps our agency in front of businesses and community decision makers/leaders that provide support to residents of Fergus Falls.  This partnership increases the opportunity for collaboration to improve lives in our community.'

    -United Way of Otter Tail County

  • t_aflac.jpgI Belong Because...
    'I want to learn about the businesses in Fergus Falls, and what they have to offer for products and services.  I also enjoy meeting new people who live and work in Fergus Falls, whom I've not previously had the opportunity to meet.'

    - Sheri Meis, Aflac

  • t_cvb.jpg

    I Belong Because...
    'They are willing to explore and try new things to make Fergus Falls a great place to do business.'

    -Jean Bowman, Fergus Falls CVB

  • t_invision.jpg

    We Belong Because...
    'We realize that attention to our own businesses is not enough.  We desire to pool our efforts with others for the greatest results.  The Chamber is a measure of a city's prosperity, enterprise, ambitions, and reflects the combined goals of the community.'

    -Drs. Hanson, Smith, and Kempfer, InVision Eye Care

  • t_moore.jpg

    We Belong Because...

    'The Chamber affords great publicity and exposure through the numerous events and communications it offers throughout the year.  It is comforting to know that the Chamber Staff is working hard to represent and develop opportunities for its members to succeed.

    -Moore Engineering, Inc

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