• Administrative Assistant

    Posted: 11/08/2022

    1. Demonstrates and supports the vision, mission, and values of OSPTI.
    2. Acknowledges and greets patients at the front desk upon their arrival.
    3. Responsible for scheduling patients and contacting patients on wait list as schedule allows.
    4. Provides patient surveys and paperwork on a regular basis. Tallies and documents surveys.
    5. Utilizes proper etiquette and mannerisms when talking on the phone, placing a person on hold, and ending a call.
    6. Answers questions when possible or refers patients to proper staff, if available. 
    7. When necessary, informs therapist their next patient has arrived and starts the patient on the directed equipment or treatment.
    8. Creates new patient sign-in/sign-out sheets for appointments.
    9. Opens and/or closes clinic and runs all front desk duties when deemed appropriate.
    10. Distributes intake forms for patients to read and complete, explains them as appropriate, and assists patients with completion when needed.
    11. Reviews intake forms for accurate and complete information, including necessary signatures.
    12. Makes copies of current insurance and identification cards.
    13. Collects co-payments prior to service at each visit if co-pay is required and informs patients of co-pay and benefits when appropriate.
    14. Completes receipt for all co-pays, purchases, and payments at the time of collection. 
    15. Records payments and prints receipts from Optimis at the check-in screen when patient makes a co-payment, purchases a product, or makes a payment on account.
    16. Provides orientation for new patients (check in, bathrooms, layout, etc.).
    17. Enters data in Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
    18. Performs appropriate registration and check-in requirements with patients.
    19. Assists with community donations; receives, processes, and records requests.
    20. Processes record requests.
    21. Records patient stats and certain contract stats and assists with recording patient and therapist stats.
    22. Files/scans documents as needed.
    23. Assumes responsibility for enhancing personal and professional development through continuing education opportunities.
    24. Assists with special projects and general housekeeping needs throughout the clinic.
    25. Follows all safety procedures, policies, and manufacturers’ instructions where applicable. Provides a safe work environment.
    26. Complies with HIPAA, making sure all patient information is kept confidential. 
    27. Participates in marketing, community in-services, and other events sponsored or attended by OSPTI as able.
    28. Attends and participates in all staff meetings as appropriate.
    29. Fosters team effort and works cooperatively with all staff.
    30. Other duties as assigned