• City Inspecting Residential Water Pipes

    The City of Fergus Falls utilities department staff began visiting Fergus Falls homes to determine what material the water pipes service lines are made of. This is to fulfil a federally mandated inventory and applies to homes older than 1985. “We know that after 1985 homes were built with copper pipes,” said Public Works Director Len Taylor.
    Homeowners can expect city employee, Kevin Nehk, to be driving a city vehicle, wearing a city vest, and providing his ID with photo and city logo on it. “Each visit will last fewer than five minutes,” added Taylor. “It’s a simple, visual test, looking at the pipe that comes into the home.” Visits will be made Monday – Friday. If you are not home when Kevin visits, please call the phone number that is provided on a “door hanger” and schedule an appointment. “Our goal is to have the inventory completed by the end of 2023,” he added. Nehk has approximately 400 homes left to visit.

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