• News Release: 11/6/2023

    Its official!  BMO’s integration with Bank of the West is complete, marking an important milestone in our North America growth strategy.   3000 members of Team BMO came together in an extraordinary feat of logistics, planning and execution to welcome 2 million new customers to the BMO Family.  We are now fully integrated to serve our customers across 32 states and America-wide through our national digital banking platform.
    We want to welcome all our new BMO customers into your local Fergus Falls branch to learn about all the changes and new and exciting products and services BMO has to offer.  We encourage those who are not our current customers to come in and see what the excitement is all about!
    We are currently running a few Celebratory specials on CD’s and accounts to welcome both new and existing customers.
    Please see your local BMO team who has been working hard on a smooth integration – Bank Manager Stephanie Eggen and the team Jeff, Heath, Connie and Dayna. 
    Your branch is part of the Northern Midwest Region, run by Market President Eleanor Stadum.  This group of 17 branches in North and South Dakota and western Minnesota is part of the Plains region which makes up 106 branches in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.  This region is run by Regional President Tina DeGustino. BMO is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
    BMO is excited to be a part of your community and here to help all our customers make REAL FINANCIAL PROGRESS!

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