• What Does Chamber Membership Mean? Hint: It's More Than Just a Ribbon Cutting

    Years ago, businesspeople joined the Chamber because it was expected. These days membership isn't automatic and it’s an even more valuable investment than ever before. Chamber benefits can save you a lot of money, and if you're like most business owners, you could really use some cost savings these days.
    It's important to note that Chamber membership is not like a gym membership that comes with one entry and the occasional ability to bring a guest. Chamber member benefits apply to all your employees and each of them has access (depending on your membership level, entry to some of our events would be free to all of your employees; inquire at our office for more information). Smart businesses share this information with their employees and even add events and learning opportunities to the company newsletters and/or employee portal. Many market these benefits as an extension of their own, which can help you give your employees opportunities that may not be in your budget.

    Here are some of those highlights:

    • Learning opportunities: The Chamber offers many learning opportunities throughout the year. Examples of these are networking at Chamber Cafes, Member Mixers, and Chamber events. Plus, you can skill up your team at our new Member Benefits Academy (MBA) starting in March 2023.
    • Affordable advertising options: If your ideal market is business professionals, the Chamber offers a host of advertising opportunities. From advertising your business on our website, providing content for our weekly Business Buzz newsletter, and sponsoring events and utilizing speaking opportunities at our Cafes, "Chamber on the Air" (radio show) and our "Find it in Fergus Falls" (TV show), we can help place you in front of your target market and tell your story.
    • Powerful credibility and sense of community: Many people see Chamber membership as an indication of trustworthiness. It shows you care about the community and are here to make a difference. They want to do business with organizations that share their views and values. This is appealing to people.
    • Increased backing: One voice in a sea of many gets drowned out easily. But when multiple voices are insisting upon the same thing, leaders are more apt to listen. When you join the Chamber, you add your voice to the strength of the Chamber and together we can cohesively help protect your interests. When we assist members with advocacy issues, we often hear, "We couldn't have done it without you." The Chamber has a powerful voice, and we can speak for you in a persuasive way.
    Chamber membership may not be automatic, but it is an excellent way to position yourself in the community, establish respect, and get the assistance you need to grow and thrive. For as little as $29/month for a Classic membership, can your business afford not to be a Chamber member?
    If you have questions about your membership level, would like to join, or want to know how the Chamber can be better utilized for your business, please call (218)736-6951 and ask for Lisa Workman or Paul Hicks.