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  • Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

    A recent national survey of 2,000 adults reveals that being active in a local chamber of commerce is an effective business strategy because two-thirds of consumers believe that such companies use good business practices, are reputable, care about their customers, and are involved in the community.

    If a company shows that it is highly involved in its local chamber – for example, serving on the Chamber’s Board of Directors or becoming a business sponsor of one of our fundraisers, consumers are 10% more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition.

    Chamber Membership has a Major Impact on Small Businesses

    Small businesses represent the largest segment of most local chamber membership rolls, and the study indicates that chamber membership has consistent and powerful benefits for small business members. If respondents know that a small business is a member of its local chamber, the business enjoys:

    • a 49% increase in its consumer favorability rating
    • a 73% increase in consumer awareness
    • a 68% increase in its local reputation
    • an 80% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future.


    Click here for more benefits of becoming a Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce Member.

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