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    We are membership based organization which serves its 350 member businesses. We are located in West Central Minnesota in Otter Tail County.
    With nearly 1100 lakes and an abundance of recreational options, the Fergus Falls area is a great place to grow your business.

    We serve as the lead advocate and resource for our members and to create partnerships that foster a healthy business climate.

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    Otter Tail County



    About Us

    Otter Tail County is comprised of five divisions: Community Services, Finance Services, Internal Services, Land Services, Public Works, County Attorney Office, and County Sheriff Office. The divisions, under the leadership of the County Administrator, consist of departments that carry out a wide range of services from caring for veterans to plowing roads and public safety. Otter Tail County has a variety of communities all unique in their own way.
    Otter Tail County is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners. Along with Commissioners from each of the five districts, the County Attorney, Sheriff, Auditor/Treasurer and Recorder are elected by the citizens of Otter Tail County. Advisory Boards, Commissions, Councils and External Committees serve to provide input to County leadership. First and foremost, Otter Tail County serves its citizens.


    Otter Tail County Courthouse
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    Government Services Center
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    Get a chance to WIN a NEW Boat
    Big Build Housing Growth & Investment initiative
    The Lakes Area Mix Workspace includes a shredder, extruder, sheet press, and injection machine. With these machines, you can bring plastic waste to the workspace to create durable and â??preciousâ?? plastic items
    Film Plastic Recycling Program for ag plastic and boat wrap
    CARES Act
    PPE Supplies to Businesses
    Veterans Department
    AIS Clean, Drain, Dispose
    Assessors leave door hangers in 2020
    2021 Board of Commissioners
    Safe and Secure Elections
    Sign up for SMART911
    GIS Department
    Highway Department
    Water test kits in Land & Resource
    License Center appointments for new  driver's licenses and  renewals
    Win this Otter Basket!


    Child Protection Social Worker
    Category: Government
    Are you interested in social work and would like to make a difference in the lives of families?  Otter Tail County is accepting applications for a Child Protection Social Worker.  Apply today!https://ottertailcountymn.us/jobs
    Contact: Stephanie Retzlaff
    Phone:(218) 998-8000
    Child Protection Social Worker
    Category: Government
    Otter Tail County is seeking a full-time MnChoices Assessor Social Worker to provide person centered assessments for determination of eligibility for a variety of services. Apply Today! https://ottertailcountymn.us/jobs.The purpose of this position is to provide a Person-Centered assessment for the general population for determination of eligibility for waivers and home and community-based ...read more
    Contact: Stephanie Retzlaff
    Phone:(218) 998-8000
    Land & Resource Seasonal Inspector
    Category: Government
    Otter tail County is seeking a full-time Seasonal Inspector to conduct inspections and site reviews to determine compliance with county ordinances. Apply Today! https://ottertailcountymn.us/department/employment/ The anticipated working season will be June-August.
    Contact: Stephanie Retzlaff
    Phone:(218) 998-8000
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