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  • Shopping locally is critical to business success in our community.  The Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce established the Fergus Bucks program to keep dollars local. More than $100,000 Fergus Bucks are sold annually and spent with Chamber Members. THANK YOU for investing in our local economy by purchasing Fergus Bucks.

    What are Fergus Bucks? Fergus Bucks are pre-paid bank checks that spend like a check or a "Fergus Falls Gift Card." The program promotes local spending, keeping money working in our community.

    When can I purchase Fergus Bucks?   Fergus Bucks are sold at the Chamber officer year round.

    How do I buy them? Stop by the Chamber, call ahead to order or fill out the order form. We accept cash, checks and credit cards (with a small processing fee). 

    Who can buy Fergus Bucks? Anyone -- residents, businesses, individuals.

    What dollar amounts are they available in?  $5 increments with both Five Dollar and Twenty Dollar "checks.'

    What do I do if I receive Fergus Bucks from someone?  Go shopping! Eat out! Donate to a non-profit. Fills in the name of the business where you spend them on the “Pay to the order of” line. 

    Who signs the checks?   The person who is redeeming/using/spending them signs on the bottom – just like a regular/personal/business check.

    Where can I spend Fergus Bucks? You can spend them with any Chamber member business or non-profit. Including: retailers, restaurants, lodging, utilities, services. You can even donate them to a non-profit, church or school. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE LISTING OF PLACES TO SPEND FERGUS BUCKS

    Can I deposit them into a bank account or redeem them for cash at a bank?    No. Fergus Bucks can only be used for the purchase of goods and services, not to be redeemed for cash or deposited into a bank account

    Do Fergus Bucks expire?   No. Promotional “Bonus Bucks” expired 12/31/2020.

    What does it cost my business to accept and redeem Fergus Bucks?   Accepting these "Gift Cards for Fergus Falls" is a benefit of Chamber membership.  Participating businesses simply endorse the Fergus Bucks and deposit it in their bank account like any other check. There are no fees incurred by the depositor.