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    Our mission at Greater Fergus Falls is to support and grow the area's business community by retaining the excellent businesses and industries who call the Fergus Falls region their home, revitalizing our local economy, and recruiting new entrepreneurs and innovators to take the leap with us. Greater Fergus Falls provides no-cost technical assistance to businesses in Fergus Falls that ranges from financial assistance (identification and packaging) and business consulting to site selection, deal facilitation, and workforce development.

    We are here as a resource and intend to support and enhance economic development efforts across our 25-mile service area.


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    Greater Fergus Falls FT Economic Development Executive Director
    Category: Executive and Management
    The Greater Fergus Falls Corp. (GFF) is conducting a search for a top-tier, high-performing Economic Development Executive Director. This position offers an exciting opportunity to engage with local business, government, and community leaders and guide GFF's strategic framework to advance our mission and contribute to the economic vitality of Fergus Falls. Under the direction and supervision of ...read more
    Phone:(218) 321-2079
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